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Search for CECA members using their:

  • First Name

Important Notes:

  1. Some members may have incomplete information, therefore users may not be able to retrieve member's data when searched by their first name​

  2. Search results are based on the user-input; results may show the names of other CECA members that may not have been initially sought-after

  3. Search function is based on only the first names of CECA members; results will not show if search is made based on other categories

  4. YOU MUST AGREE to TERMS OF USE provided below if you want to search from our Membes database. If search was made before checking the Terms of Use box, reload your browser page in order to be able to try searching again.

Terms of Use

1. The Organization will not disclose member's sensitive information to the public; users must use search results fairly and appropriately

2. Users are not allowed to share information of CECA member with others individuals, parties or groups unless a permission is granted by the member who has rights to the information

Terms of Use Last Updated in November 2020​


Members Database Last Updated in November 2022

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