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Useful Phone Numbers


For City information or to request service within Calgary city limits. Examples of when to call 311 are the following, Report concerns such as excessive snow or ice on roadways, overpasses, backplanes and sidewalks, Report non-working streetlamps, and 311 offers language translation services for more than 200 languages. If you state the name of your language in English, a translator will be provided.


For emergencies related to health, safety, and property. This includes medical distress, fires, crimes in progress, and motor vehicle accidents where an ambulance/tow truck is necessary. It is important to teach all family members about when to call 911. Even if you can only say “fire,” “police” or “help,” emergency assistance will be sent. It is also important to know your location or address when calling 911. Your location is not always automatically known, so it is often the most important piece of information needed to get help in an emergency.


For information about the community or social resources available in Calgary. This includes financial, social, food and mental health support. Free and confidential translation services are available.


Health Link: For physical or mental health information and advice provided by a registered nurse. The nurse will not be able to diagnose your illness but will tell you if you should seek medical treatment

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